About Green Private Wealth
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About Green Private Wealth

TeamPicGreen Private Wealth is a discretionary wealth management team focused on helping investors achieve their goals through building wealth and managing their risks. We have evolved to meet the needs of our clients and stay at the forefront of the rapidly changing wealth management landscape. 

Portfolio Managers and Certified Financial Planners®, Paul Green and Dave Harris are supported by their team of professionals to bring you a wealth management practice designed for the realities of investing, today and into the future. We believe you shouldn’t have to experience the severe downside of the market through a buy and hold approach. We believe that, through sound planning, there is always a better way to manage risk and help your investments grow.

Flexiblity. Dedication. Discipline.

Over 20 years of experience have proven that following the crowd and doing what works for our clients are entirely different. No doubt a number of financial planners and money managers share our experience, credentials and concern for clients. What sets Green Private Wealth Counsel apart is an evolving approach – flexibility in our thinking, dedication to our clients’ goals, and discipline in how we conduct ourselves and manage our clients’ money.

Flexible thinking is about making investment decisions not based on comfort or fear but on a passion for challenging the status quo, a time-tested, rules-based process and a readiness
to evolve our thinking and move to cash to reduce risk anytime it’s in the best interest of our client

Dedication is what ensures that we take the time and effort to complete a thorough analysis of each client’s personal and financial situation and build a customized plan

Discipline is what ensures that we stay focused on the long term while always remaining sensitive to short-term signals and fluctuations.

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