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The New Way to Invest

When it comes to investing most people think of the public stock markets and investing in public traded equities. While most retail investors invest in the stock markets, Institutional investors have long recognized the importance of diversification by including alternative investments in their portfolios. This is not new, but for the most part, has only been accessible by institutional investors such as pension and endowment funds, charitable foundations and the ultra-high-net-worth. Until now. So the question to ask is if alternative investments are an important part of pensions, endowment funds, and ultra-high-net-worth portfolios………why is it not part of yours?

Allocation to Alternative Investment

OTPP (69%)69%
OMERS (62%)62%
US Endowments (52%)52%
CPPIB (50%)50%
Ultra High Net Worth (46%)46%
High Net Worth (22%)22%
Retail Investors (5%)5%

We have exclusive access to retail friendly private businesses including private equity, private debt and private real estate. This means regardless of your investor accreditation status, you can access private securities through Green Private Wealth.

Goodbye 60/40

Times have changed and so should your portfolio. The 60/40 balanced portfolio was introduced nearly 70 years ago. With inflation at 30 year highs and interest rates increasing, it is going to be difficult to achieve the same returns you have in the past going forward and this has created headwinds for the investment community. You simply can't use the same tool you have been using to get the job done when the investment environment has changed.

Hello 40/40/20

We believe a 40/40/20 asset mix would be more appropriate for most clients given that Alternative Fixed Income, Private Real Estate, and Private Equity historically has provided portfolio stability with public equity type returns. Factoring, Real Estate, and Mortgage Investment Corporations may provide portfolio stability with equity type returns.

Always talk to a professional before investing to know if the product is right for you. Past performance does not necessarily predict future results. Each asset class has its own risks.

Protecting & Growing Your Wealth and Future

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