What Our Clients Say

What our clients are saying...

Trustworthy, Dedicated Attention, to our Portfolio and Long-Term Financial Goals

“We wanted to thank Graham again for his trustworthy and dedicated attention to not only our portfolio but to our long-term financial goals over the years as our needs changed, too. He not only helped us achieve more than we ever dreamed of, including helping us reach early retirement, but also many times over with his extensive knowledge base of who to contact for other matters not related to investments. We’ve also had portfolios with other firms in the past (such as through our employers, since transferred to Green Private Wealth), and we honestly couldn’t imagine ever having worked with any other advisor than Graham.”

One Year Post Retirement

“I wanted to say thank you Dave for the update meeting yesterday. It was very clear information and good to see the hard work and attention you are giving to our accounts.”

Knowledgable, Dedicated, and Trustworthy

“I was very fortunate to connect with Kris in the early phases of starting my career as a chiropractor. After trying the services of a few different individuals, I knew that Kris was the right choice for me as soon as I met him. His knowledge, dedication, and focus on his clients put me at ease right from the start. His financial advice is invaluable for myself and my husband as we are both self-employed and needed direction. I have the utmost confidence in him financially as he has educated us and also set us up to be in a healthy financial state as we build towards our future, our business and our retirement. I do not hesitate to refer anyone I know to Kris as he is trustworthy and also will aid in reducing the stress around finances.”

We Couldn’t Imagine Working with any Other Firm

“Paul has given us two creative ideas for using Tax-Free Savings Accounts. These ideas alone will have a major financial impact over our lifetime. Combine this with all the other areas of tax, risk, business and estate planning advice we receive on an annual basis and we couldn’t imagine working with any other firm.”

An Advisor that Looks out for my Best Interests

“Kris understands my workplace demands, unique job requirements and my need to prepare for my future and my family’s future. I believe Kris to be different than my past financial advisors. He’s looking out for the best interests of his clients. He’s an approachable, trustworthy family man. Kris has helped me better understand investing and money management as well as offer helpful strategies to implement my plan.”

Flawless Execution, Especially During Challenging Economic Times

“We have had the opportunity to work with Kris for many years. He has been instrumental in helping my husband and I create and manage our budget, household monthly cash flow as well as managing our investments and insurance needs. Kris is knowledgeable, he takes the time to listen and understand our needs and long-term goals and ensures that we are well informed before any decisions are made. My husband and I are grateful for our business relationship with Kris and the trust he has developed with us through his flawless execution over the years, especially during challenging economic times.”

Exceptional Advice

“Paul has provided us with exceptional personal and business financial advice for over 15 years. We cannot say enough about the value we received while in business and throughout the process of selling our company. In fact, Paul was instrumental in the course of the sale and worked closely with other professionals to ensure all details were looked after. We have worked with other advisors in the past who claim to provide financial planning advice but only Green Private Wealth has consistently delivered.”

New Ways of Thinking About my Financial Future

Kris has always made me feel comfortable with my investment decisions and has taken my short term and long term goals into account when helping with my financial planning. He has helped me build a portfolio that takes my business, personal, spousal, and children's financial future into account. I am very happy knowing that my investment portfolio is being watched by Kris and that he periodically reviews it with me to make sure it is meeting my goals. I have had experiences in the past working with a financial institution that provided me with a different staff member each time I chose to review my investments. Kris is very knowledgeable and has presented new ways of thinking about my financial future that I otherwise would never have considered.

Trustworthy, Knowledgeable, Professionalism with a Human Approach

“We greatly appreciate Brad’s human approach to our relationship, as well as his advice, knowledge, and professionalism. He has earned our trust which is a huge thing for us after too many bad experiences with previous financial advisors/planners.”

During the COVID 19 Pandemic

“Thanks Dave for doing such a great job managing my RRSPs. Many of my co-workers have been watching in despair as their investments took a turn for the worse. But not me!”

A Definitive Plan for our Financial Future

“Kris worked with us, evaluated all aspects of our life and put together a unique individualized family plan. He always tries to meet with us before any big changes and he stays until he is sure we completely understand. He was able to take the everyday stress of finances out of our life. We now have a simple easy to follow approach to our daily finances and a comprehensive long term financial plan. The most valuable outcome from working with Kris is having a definitive plan. To know exactly what our goals are and reasonable timelines for achievement takes a lot of the financial stress out of my family life.”

A Trustworthy and Sound Financial Advisor

“Brad takes the time to get to know you and your financial goals, and makes complicated financial information easy to understand. He is always available to provide guidance and deliver quality advice and I am 100% happy with the investment plan that Brad recommended. Brad explains complex issues in a clear way and I trust his judgement. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a sound financial advisor.”

Trusted and Close Working Relationship

“In 2010, our accountant referred us to David for a full and in-depth review of our financial situation. Since then, we have formed a trusted and close working relationship based on sound advice, superior knowledge and a clear understanding of our current and future financial needs. We feel fortunate to be working with David and the courteous staff at Green Private Wealth. Their financial planning process has given us confidence that we are on the right path to financial security.”

Confidence that my Long Terms Goals will be Met

“Brad is a consummate professional who has extensive knowledge of his products and services. He quickly and completely explains each investment opportunity and suggests those that would benefit you. He is straightforward and prepared – as well as patient and genuinely interested in not only your situation, but the best possible outcome for you, as the client. I feel very confident that my long term goals will be met and well tended by Brad, and I am happy to have made his acquaintance and to be one of his clients.”

Thank You for the Extra Effort made on our Behalf

We have had a number of Financial Advisors before Kris. They have all claimed to be working in our best interests. Kris is the only one who has shown us by his actions that he is working to help us improve our financial status. We have made more progress with his guidance than with all his predecessors. We are very grateful for the advice he has given us. It has always turned out to be to our benefit. As retirement inches its way closer to a reality we can only thank him and his staff for the extra effort they have made on our behalf.

Genuine Concern and Interest in my Investment Goals

“Kris has always approached my investment strategies based on my own individual goals and situation. He has a genuine concern and interest in my investment goals. Kris takes the time to meet with me several times a year to review and update me on my statements. We go over any changes that may have transpired in my personal/financial life which may affect my current investment strategies. My portfolio is continually being updated and re-allocated based on my goals and current economic conditions. I have referred several friends and co-workers to Kris over the years. You will not be disappointed with the results.”

Knowledgeable Financial Planning for Our Family's Needs.

Kris has helped us develop a debt repayment plan and a plan for our retirement. He also looks after our elderly mother's investments and estate planning. Our son is now working with Kris developing some long and short term plans towards homeownership and long term investments. Kris is very knowledgeable in all areas of our family’s varied financial planning needs. He takes the time to sit down with us on a regular basis to ensure we remain on track. We have known Kris for years and feel that he has our best interests at heart.

Protecting & Growing Your Wealth and Future

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