For Pre-Retirees
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Financial Planning for Pre-Retirees

pre-retireesYou are in your peak earning years, working hard towards retirement. You may have children in school and aging parents that need more care. With your mortgage paid off you have questions about where you should be putting this money to work. The investment landscape is changing and there are a wide range of investment options available to you. Our Process –the Wealth Evolution Solution ™(WES) allows you to understand where you are today and identifies an approach that will help guide you to a successful retirement.

  • 1. Discovery Session
  • 2. WES Blueprint
  • 3. Wealth Protector
  • 4. Wealth Enhancer
  • 5. Tax Integrator
  • 6. Wealth Transfer
  • 7. WES Reviews
  • 8. Friends and Family

1. Discovery Session

Through our Discovery Session we will gather the relevant information on your current financial and life situation and take time to understand what is most important to you. This would include gathering recent information on your investments, pension plan or group RRSP, Income-tax returns and information on your insurance policies and wills.

2. WES Blueprint

We will provide you with an initial review of your situation including a written financial plan. This will include a professional opinion on whether your current investment strategy is adequate or if adjustments need to be made to allow you to reach your goals. We will identify a recommended investment strategy and address any issues related to your insurance needs.

Once you have decided to move ahead with the implementation of our recommendations we will focus on the following areas.

3. Wealth Protector

The Wealth Protector process identifies if there are gaps in your current insurance plan. We look at life insurance, your group benefits , critical illness, disability and long term care insurance options and help you determine if your current plans are adequate to meet your needs.

4. Wealth Enhancer

Through the Wealth Enhancer process you will see how our relative strength investment strategy can position your investments for growth over the long term with protection from significant volatility. An investment strategy will be recommended to identify the best way to reach your goals by looking at RRSP's, non-registered Investment accounts and tax-free savings accounts.

5. Tax Integrator

We will review your current plan for tax efficiency and recommend changes to minimize tax now and over the longer term.

6. Wealth Transfer

Many of our clients have significant assets that will pass to the next generation or charity. You may not have updated your wills since your family was young. We can help by discussing your goals and recommending strategies to ensure your wishes are met.

7. WES Reviews

As a client of Green Private Wealth Counsel we will schedule regular reviews so you are kept aware of progress towards your goals. We regularly report, analyze and adjust your plan to keep you on track. This is the most important part of forming a successful partnership with our clients.

8. Friends and Family

As a service to our clients we offer a complimentary Financial Planning review for friends and family members. This is a short 45 minute meeting where we ask a few questions and share our process with them. We can then identify if they would be a good fit for our services or if they are on the right track with their current advisor.


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