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Financial Planning for Farmers

farmerYou have unique financial planning needs. Your business requires a large investment in land, livestock, equipment and inventory. We are experienced in helping farmers protect their families while they are working and in helping them transition to retirement when the farm is sold or the next generation takes over. As a member of the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors (CAFA), Dave Harris meets regularly with Accountants, Lawyers and other professionals specializing in the agricultural field to share ideas and keep abreast of the industry.

  • 1. Discovery Session
  • 2. WES Blueprint
  • 3. Wealth Protector
  • 4. Wealth Enhancer
  • 5. Tax Integrator
  • 6. Wealth Transfer
  • 7. WES Reviews
  • 8. Friends and Family

1. Discovery Session

Through our Discovery Session we will gather the relevant information on your farm and personal situation. This would include recent financial statements, income tax returns, shareholders agreements and information on any investments or personal and corporate insurance policies.

2. WES Blueprint

We will provide you with an initial review of your situation. This will include a professional opinion on the risk protection, investment strategies and business structure around your farm. We will identify any areas that need improvement or adjustment.

Once you have decided to move ahead with the implementation of our recommendations we will focus on the following areas.

3. Wealth Protector

The Wealth Protector process identifies where there are gaps in your current insurance policies and shows you how to transfer these risks to insurance companies. We look at life insurance, critical illness Insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance and health plans. Understanding the risks is the first step in determining what protection makes sense for you.

4. Wealth Enhancer

Every farm is unique; retirement for some consists of selling the farm and quota outright while others need help with a succession strategy. The common thread is that the development of a plan is key to ensuring that you are rewarded for your hard work. We work with you, your tax advisors and legal team to implement strategies that protect what you have earned and position it to provide a tax-efficient retirement income.

5. Tax Integrator

No one wants to pay more than their share of taxes. We can show you how, through proper corporate structure and choice of investments, your tax bill can be reduced now and in the future.

6. Wealth Transfer

Succession Planning ensures a smooth transition of your farm and estate to the next generation. We have helped many clients through this process and our advice can reduce stress and ensure your wishes are met in the most efficient manner.

7. WES Reviews

It is an important part of our financial planning process to keep our clients informed of the progress we are making to help them achieve their goals. Accordingly, we will schedule regular reviews to report, analyze and adjust your plan to keep you on track.

8. Friends and Family

As a service to our clients we offer a complimentary Financial Planning review for friends and family members. This is a short 45 minute meeting where we ask a few questions to see if they are getting the same quality of service and advice as you are.

As a result of our meeting, your friends or family members are either reassured that they are on track to meet their goals or we are able to identify items of concern that should be addressed in their plans.

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