Key Areas of Focus
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Key Areas of Focus

We believe that independent unbiased advice is the cornerstone of a personalized wealth plan. Here are the areas we focus on to ensure financial progress for our clients.

Fiscal Responsibility

Being financially responsible is the foundation for accumulating wealth. Understanding the value of money, making sure you live within your means and setting investment goals for the future are essential for building your financial independence.

Risk Management

Creating an effective financial plan also involves identifying and mitigating risk. Understanding your tolerance for risk – including those related to capital, markets, currency, taxation, outliving your capital, death, disability, critical illness, long-term care, and travel outside the country – help us determine sound financial strategies that are right for you.

Tax Planning

We take a common sense approach to reducing your taxes but not at the expense of sound investment strategies, never letting tax minimization cloud our focus on wealth creation and protection. By effectively allocating fixed income investments to your registered accounts, we can reduce annual taxation.

Investment Management 

The only proven asset management philosophy is the one that takes emotion out of the equation and relies on a long-term disciplined approach, protecting investments and doing away with unnecessary risk. Only once we understand your objectives, attitudes toward risk, return expectations and time horizon can we then calculate the rate of return needed to meet your objectives and determine the best portfolio strategy and investments for you. 

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement isn’t just about contributing to your RRSP or group pension plan. It’s also about how you’ll live in this next stage of your life. We focus on making sure you have the resources to pay for it all.

Estate and Legacy Planning

Estate planning involves wealth preservation and the orderly transfer of assets during your lifetime or upon death. To do so properly, we review your will(s) and meet with you and your Executor to go over your wishes and ensure everything is in place. Our Estate Organizer is a useful tool for making your wishes clear and assisting in an orderly distribution of your estate.

Financial Independence

This is the end result of all the elements of your financial plan coming together, staying aligned and continuing to work in harmony so you can comfortably reach retirement and achieve your life goals. It’s all about having the options to do what you want, when you want.

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