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Jeremy Fehr Seminar


As you know, we had Jeremy Fehr from SIA charts speak to us last month. As a number of you were unable to attend his presentation, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of what Jeremy presented to us.

Jeremy reviewed the investment process that is used by Green Financial Group to manage your portfolios. First, we start with the equity action call to make sure that it's safe to be invested in stocks. Secondly, we look at the seven asset classes and rank them from the strongest to the weakest. We are looking at using the strongest two and possibly the third strongest to select investments. Currently, the top three classes are US equities, International equities and Canadian equities. The third step in the process is to use the relative strength matrix to select the appropriate investments for the portfolio. Focusing on Diversiflex we select the strongest exchange traded funds and mutual funds from a custom list of options.

Jeremy then reviewed the performance of Diversiflex over the past 18 months showing us a rate of return of 38% versus the TSX of 21%. He discussed the 6 trades that were made and how those changes improved the performance substantially, illustrating the importance of selling those investments that are seeing money flowing out and invest where money is moving into. You won’t find any “buy and hold” strategies here…

Lastly, Jeremy discussed current market conditions and specifically looked at the price of gold, interest rates and the US dollar versus Canadian dollar relationship. Jeremy showed us the charts to back up his current position that does not see gold breaking out to the upside, as well as, he does not see interest rates breaking out to the downside and ultimately he sees the US dollar continuing to improve against the Canadian dollar. As mentioned above he sees US equities as the strongest area to invest at this time. He did mention money flows could change at any time and that is why we calculate and compare every day to ensure we are prepared to adjust portfolios.

If you would like to discuss any of these items please call the office to set up a time.

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