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Due Diligence Trip

Green Financial Group heads to Toronto!

Paul, Dave and Brad recently made a due diligence trip to visit a few investment firms in Toronto and we wanted to share some highlights from the day. At the present time there is incredible optimism for the markets going forward. In fact, two managers are calling the beginning of a secular (long term) bull market. Nobody can predict if they will be correct, but we do have a high degree of confidence in one of these managers as they use technical tools in their process. We were also happy to hear these firms agree with our position on the US dollar. One manager is calling for the Canadian dollar to fall to $0.80 to the US dollar in 5 years.

As you know, a main focus of ours is on the fixed income or the “safety” component of your portfolio. This is an area of concern around our industry and we continually work hard to find solid solutions to give you reasonable returns. At this time, we are not convinced bonds are the best option so we visited Barometer Capital Management to continue discussions around a better solution. We had the pleasure to meet David Burrows, President and Chief Investment Officer of Barometer who manages over $2.6 billion dollars mainly for private clients. You may recognize David as he is a frequent guest on BNN. David and his team at Barometer have a similar approach to Green Financial Group, using a variety of technical tools to determine what asset classes should be invested in. Their Income Advantage Fund uses three assets classes; bonds, dividend paying stocks and cash and will be very tactical amongst the three.

We were happy to visit Chuk Wong and Alexander Lane of Dynamic Funds. The areas covered were: Canadian Growth Stocks, Global Growth Stocks, European Value Stocks, and North American Dividend Stocks. It was nice to meet with Chuk as he and his team manage the Dynamic European Value which is in Diversiflex and Diversiflex Plus portfolios. Chuk is quite excited about the European story and has a basket of great companies in the portfolio. Already producing 35% for 2013, he believes Europe will produce further gains much like the US market has done over the past few years.

It is always great to hear optimism and how bullish these managers are on the markets. Just as great, we feel the same as they do currently but ultimately we are far more interested in what our technical filters tell us each and every day. Please contact the office if you would like any more information or have any questions.

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