Discretionary Portfolio Management
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Discretionary Portfolio Management

Portfolio Managers at Green Private Wealth Counsel offer Discretionary Portfolio Management. This provides clients with the highest level of accountability available. Portfolio Managers have a fiduciary duty to act with care, honesty and in good faith, always in the best interest of their clients. Discretionary portfolio management provides the Portfolio Manager the right to make investment decisions on behalf of the client. Advisors with this designation have taken additional education, earning the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) Designation  and received approval from both the dealer and the regulator to manage money in this way. Less than 4% of advisors in Canada have been granted the Portfolio Manager (PM) designation. This provides us with some unique advantages to better manage your wealth.


Key Benefits

Responsiveness Our investment approach requires the ability to adjust your portfolios to suit conditions ahead on short notice. Active management of your money is the only road to investing success as market volatility increases and low rates persist. Discretionary Management allows us to make investment changes quickly for large numbers of clients. By making trades on an investment across all client accounts we are able to fairly enter and exit positions so that each client gets the same price when buying or selling. By eliminating the need for individual client calls on each trade we can dramatically increase our efficiency so more time can be spent on financial planning and investment research.

Broader Product Range Traditional mutual funds and brokerage accounts typically only invest in stocks and bonds. With increasing correlation between global markets over the past 20 years, it is important to consider other asset classes. However the rules are stacked against most investors due to the “Accredited Investor Rule”. Alternative investments are typically used by high net worth investors and pension plans to dampen volatility and enhance long term returns. By investing in our Discretionary Accounts all clients will have access to investments not available to most investors.

Investment Policy Statements (IPS) - A Portfolio Manager develops a written agreement, known as an Investment Policy Statement, or IPS. This IPS sets out the investment goals and objectives of the client and describes the investment strategies that are suitable to meet those objectives. The IPS takes into account specific needs; including risk tolerance, time horizon and investment philosophy. Your IPS is the basis upon which we would select an appropriate mix of investments and make discretionary adjustments to your portfolio. The IPS lays out the framework in which your portfolio is managed. It is agreed upon up front and reviewed at least annually or as your circumstances change.

Fee- based compensation - Advisory fees are charged as a percentage of the account value. We do not receive compensation from any investment company or charge for trades but rather bill accounts monthly for our fee. This puts us on the same side of the table as our clients. Our compensation is directly linked to the value of your account. We have a common goal in protecting and growing your wealth over time.

Lower Fees - Because we can make investment changes efficiently from our office we can incorporate direct stock holdings in the portfolios along with institutional class mutual funds and alternative investments. This reduces your cost significantly over when compared to tradtional wrap or other mutual fund programs.

Transparency of Fees -Fees are charged as a percentage of the account value calculated at month end and are disclosed on your statements. You will always know how much you are paying us for portfolio management.

Tax Effective Asset Allocation - Our investment management system allows us to allocate the less tax efficient income producing investments to tax sheltered accounts and keep the most tax efficientinvestments in your non- registered or cash accounts. Where possible bonds will be kept in your RRSP or TFSA

Tax-Deductibility of Fees in Non-Registered Accounts -Fees charged for the management of your non-registered investment accounts are tax deductible as a carrying charge against your income under the current tax rules

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